Google Adwords

Do you think you know Google AdWords Advertising?  Do you think your an AdWords Master? I thought I did. Take the following 6 question pop quiz and see how you go!

Does Google hate or penalise marketers? You would think the answer is no, but the actual answer is YES! Why would Google AdWords penalise the main majority of people that generate their income? It is part of the AdWords Quality … Continue reading

Quality score is a means by which Google AdWords Advertising passes judgement on your landing page and your pay per click advertising campaigns.  By judging the ‘value’ and ‘relevance’ of your campaign AdWords will then assign you a ranking between … Continue reading

Google AdWords offers an easy and affordable way to reach your clients. Potential customers can be targeted by time, location and search terms.  Budgets can also be set to maximise your return on investment  by measuring your ROI through AdWords … Continue reading

Google AdWords is a system that can be greatly rewarding if you take the time to set up your campaigns correctly from the beginning. Effective pay per click management is the key to designing and implementing high performance pay per … Continue reading

Google AdWords is probably one of the greatest advances in marketing we have ever seen. You can get into search engine result pages almost instantly and drive traffic from any location in the world to your website.  One of the … Continue reading

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