The Importance of a High Google Rank

In this day and age of online marketing and presence, the benefits of SEO, or search engine optimisation, has never been more prevalent. If you’ve ever used Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other similar search engine, you may have considered what those engines do to decide on who displays first. That’s where SEO comes in to the fray – and it can make all the difference between a website disappearing within pages and pages of results, or displaying prominently on the first page as possible.

But why is it so important to display as highly as possible, and what does it mean for your website? Well the first thing to consider is ‘how does a search engine define priority’, or in other words – how do they decide who gets to go first? It’s all down to a website’s relevance, informative content, and general functionality. As you can imagine, deciding these elements can be a pretty daunting task for any mere human, and that’s why search engines like Google implement the services of their own search bots.

These bots scan the Meta data of a website, take a look at their content and then categorise the site itself. During this scan, the bots will check other important factors, such as backlinks (from other websites to yours), Meta information (such as your page title, search engine description and keywords), and content (including blog posts). Once this information has been collated, a search engine is able to define the website’s relevance, trust and suitability.