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Expert Advice: Does SEO Really Work?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty-five years, we’re sure that you’ve heard about SEO, or search engine optimisation as it’s referred to in full. Even those of you that might have taken up rocky-accommodation will have undoubtedly been taking advantage of Wi-Fi, so we’re sure that you will have still come across the term – but what you might not know is how it actually works.

The practice itself might have been around for over a decade, but only recently has it really taken the leaps and bounds that thousands of online companies now take advantage of.

The techniques involved are very technical, so much so that unless you have an incredible amount of digital experience and prowess, you might struggle to stay on top of the latest tips and strategies that so many SEO experts offer. By utilising activities such as healthy back-linking (within reason), fresh content, keyword targeting, and other more exclusive processes; the potential for a website to rank as highly as possible will be far more likely.

Owning a website can be a pretty big responsibility. From the general maintenance, all the way to its visibility online – there are a variety of factors to consider. As far as visibility goes, particularly the ease in which a potential audience can find the sites’ services or products – this is a technique best left to the experts. Avant8 SEO agency services are often the first port of call for site owners hoping to increase their online rank, after all a higher position can result in greater traffic and increased sales.
So, what can a company expect when hiring an SEO agency?

Getting to grips with the competition with SEO

One of the first things that any expert will do is to identify their clients’ competitors. These could be sites in the same niche, or those that offer similar products. The aim will be to climb higher above these sites and so recognising the unique factors relating to the competition can go a long way. Perhaps they are doing something particularly effective, or maybe there’s a certain keyword that hasn’t been considered before. These are all factors that will be evaluated during the competitive analysis.